Roof leaks can result in great property damage especially when the root cause is not identified and repaired right away. Since water can go outward from the area where a leak takes place, it might be challenging to determine the real reason behind it. If you want some information about the common signs and symptoms of why roof leaks, read on this article: 

Broken flashing 

This one is less obvious, especially if you don’t usually pay attention to your home. However, know that it is still vital. As time passes by, the tarring that’s utilized to protect it together under the shingles will wear off. If a leak takes place, you need to inspect the flashing at the leak’s source.  

Excessive use of roof 

You cannot determine whether the main reason why there is a leak is because of excessive utilization. Hence, you have to refrain from going out onto your roof frequently since it can be hazardous for you and your roof at the same time.  Roofing materials are pretty fragile, thus, you would not want to step on a seal that’s already cracked or an important roof part. Instead, you should pay attention to never allow your roof to get worse. Also, it would be best to hire one of the best roofing and siding companies near you that can provide superb roofing services with the help of the professional and qualified roofing team that will guarantee to add value and secure your home.  

Broken shingles 

When it comes to shingles, the weather is one of the reasons why they get damaged and broken. When this happens, they are simple to determine. Given that shingles can be found on the outermost layer of a roof, you can immediately tell when any of them are missing by observing various colored patches. More so, you might see some shingles in your yard after an extreme storm has passed.  

Clogged gutters 

Gutter cleaning has never been an exciting chore, however, it still should be done. There are several tools and equipment you can actually utilize to make things easier. One of the examples of such tools is a hose that can do several things for your gutters like washing leaves and etc. 

Condensation in the attic 

You can easily determine whether you have a leaking attic once you can see that mold and mildew have built up in the space. Moreover, your attic could possess a strong smell that’s kind of a musty odor. If you can smell such odor, then there’s a high possibility that water has reached in your attic. Take note that water could be trapped between both outdoor and indoor temperatures because the attic is located at the topmost part of a house. As soon as they are combined with severe weather conditions, then condensation might develop.  

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